Jarrell Miller: Joshua Is A Mental Midget, No Doubt I’d KO Him

Jarrell Miller: Joshua Is A Mental Midget, No Doubt I'd KO Him

Many boxing heavyweights have been calling out the rave of the moment, Anthony Joshua.

Potential rivals are looking towards the direction of Joshua, who they know a fight with, is a big money-making opportunity.

The latest to attack Joshua is Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller.

In an interview with Sky Sports, Miller said Joshua is not worth all the hype he is presently getting.

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“What I have seen, heard, and the way he fights, he’s a mental midget,” Miller told Sky Sports.

“Once I get there I’m shutting that down.

“I can drown him in any round. I can drown him in the beginning, I can drown him later. It don’t even matter. Takam wasn’t even pushing the pace and he was getting tired.

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“Imagine another heavyweight that is pushing the pace, and landing shots, who is bigger than him. It’s a whole different animal.

“There’s a lot of things when you put two big guys in there, and the other guy does not have the mental fortitude for that. He’s never been built for that.

“We’ve just got to build my portfolio and get everything going the right way, which I definitely agree with.

“Based on his last performance, they definitely are not looking towards fighting me anytime soon. I don’t think he’s definitely looking to fight [WBC champion] Deontay [Wilder] anytime soon either.”



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